Who's Ole?

Ole Marius Fossen´s nudes skip right over the downtrodden path of formal studies and bodily fixation with an easy spring in the step. Emplying a sensuous estethics he skilfully manages to steer around a narrow sexual focus and instead capture the feeling of free playfulness in an unlimited universe. Having developed his own photographic style through years of experience working with fashion images, he demonstrates a keen eye for the glamourous while keeping an honest relationship to reality. The results are dreamy pictures of women engrossed in their own world of freedom, strength and carefree enjoyment. 

Over the years Fossen has created several series of work focusing on the interplay between natural nudity, sensuality and the elements. In the series H2O his models seem to be weightlessly adrift in a cosmic sea of natural forces. Strong and independent, the human figures are at one with the elements that surrounds them. With an alluring visual mix of depth and surface, the photographer invites us in to his world of perfect sensual balance between control and chaos. Nine prints from Ole's H2O project was sold to Norwegian billionaire art-collector, Stein Erik Hagen. These images are permanently exhibited at Hagen's spa, The Well. Prints from H2O can be found at Hotel Continental and BI Business School as well.

Ole Marius Fossen started out as an eager teenager photographing his girl friends in nice dresses while working part time for the local newspaper and analog processing lab. After studies at Fotofagskolen and a decade of shooting professional models, Ole is in the process of finding his form as a Fine-Art Photographer. From 2010 to 2018 Ole was an official photographer and model scout for Heartbreak Management, Norway's biggest modeling agency. He has been featured as a photographer on Britain's Next Top Model with Elle Macpherson, and figured as a member of the jury for the TV-show DET NYE-Jenta (Tv2 Bliss). Ole Marius Fossen has gained experience both inside and outside Norway - shooting for leading model agencies in cities such as Copenhagen, Paris and New York. 

The Well Spa

The Well Spa

Being a naturist himself, photographing the human form has become a natural part in the identity of his work. The subjects are often photographed in action while running, swimming, diving or even playing rugby. This has also influenced Oles work with fashion - as he likes to include several models or extras in his editorial work and focuses on the narrative. Ole portraits the feeling of nudity, more then the actual nudity itself. Perhaps this is why the majority of Ole's followers are women.

Bio written by Stig Marlon Weston


Clients (past & present)

S Magazine, Costume, Pudderprint, Det Nye, Stella, StyleMag, Oslo City, Britain's Next Top Model, Isklar, Stand Up Norge, Nordbohus, The Well, Universal Music / Astrid S.
Official Photographer & Scout at Heartbreak Model Management (2010-2018)
Chief of Photographers, Ski Flying Vikersund. Managing 40-130 photographers from the International press during World Championships. (2007-2014)